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We provide the best possible solutions and options for our clients. We are motivated by our desire to meet your needs, driven by our spirit of competition, shaped by the character of ethical conduct, and impelled by the ever-changing nature of our industry. Private Client Insurance Services is able to provide the best environment for our customers, employees and the operation of our agency.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

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Elaine Hawkins

Elaine Hawkins, CRM


Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 204-9892

Fax: (888) 830-2950


Wesley C. Brewer, Jr., CIC

Vice President/Principal

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 204-9897

Fax: (888) 830-0332


Personal Lines

David M. Arter, Jr.

Manager Personal
Lines Department

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 204-9894

Fax: (888) 958-5478


Debbie Barnes

Client Service Specialist

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 204-9893

Fax: (888) 283-4926


Cathy Howell

Personal Lines Client Representative

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 204-9898

Fax: (888) 283-3748


richard leonard

Dick Leonard

Personal Lines Specialist

Phone: (330) 219-5126

Fax: (888) 283-3748


Tammy Stroedecke

Tammy Stroedecke

Personal Lines Service Representative

Phone: (239) 481-1949
Direct: (239) 204-9890

Fax: (888) 986-8524


Patti Canjura

Personal Lines Administration Manager

Phone: (239) 481-1949
Direct: (239) 204-9890

Fax: (888) 368-1368


Timothy Hammond

Personal Lines Service Representative

Phone: (239) 481-1949
Direct: (239) 672-8896

Fax: (888) 976-4529


Melissa Niesz

Personal Lines Service Representative

Phone: (239) 481-1949
Direct: (239) 672-8893

Fax: (888) 283-2860


Commercial Lines

Johnny Dorning

Commercial Lines Consultant

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 481-7805

Fax: (888) 849-4384


Kim Foster

Kim Foster

Account Manager

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 204-9896

Fax: (888) 958-7749


Renee Franciotti, CPIA

Account Manager

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 313-5921

Fax: (888) 828-9924


Al Pickel

Account Manager

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 245-8954

Fax: (888) 828-3551


Sandra C. Walker, CIC, CRM

Manager Commercial
Customer Services

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 204-9899

Fax: (888) 830-0332


James D. Talley, Jr.

Assistant Commercial
Lines Account Manager

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 672-8892

Fax: (888) 219-0247



Sandy Balzarini

Director of Administration

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 204-9891

Fax: (888) 853-7192


Fred Hawkins

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (239) 481-1949

Direct: (239) 204-9895

Fax: (239) 481-2911


What We Do

We are able to provide:

  • A complete risk analysis and specific recommendations in line with the risk tolerance level of the client
  • A thorough marketing process of all available carriers to ensure the best possible pricing and coverage levels
  • Service relationship with a designated team of professionals
  • A full range of coverages designed to meet the needs of high net worth individuals for:
    • Homeowners, Condominium unit homeowners, rental properties
    • Flood and excess flood
    • Automobile
    • Personal liability worldwide with limits up to $100 million
    • Valuable articles/collections such as jewelry, fine arts, collectibles, wine, antique cars
    • Watercraft including yachts, boats, and jet skis
    • Personal Directors and Officers Liability
    • Aircraft Liability and Physical Damage
    • Kidnap and ransom, hijacking and abduction of family members
    • Identity theft
    • Family Office Management liability
    • Employment Practices liability
    • Domestic Workers Compensation
All of our condominium specialists have many years of experience in providing the specific coverages required in the State of Florida, and have a full understanding of the insurance markets available.

We have carriers who also specialize in providing condominium coverages for:

  • Property
  • Flood, Excess Flood
  • General Liability
  • Non-owned Automobile Liability
  • Umbrella / Excess Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Fidelity / Crime
  • Workers Compensation
  • Accident Insurance for Volunteers
We have trained Certified Workers Compensation Advisors that will help customize a program for your business to prevent workplace injuries, find and correct mistakes and overcharges, reduce lost time and medical costs and assist you in establishing a long term corporate culture of safety and savings. Impact your business with our unique program:

  • Verify and Analyze Experience Mod
  • Manage Premium Audit
  • Analysis of prior claims activity
  • Claim reserve reviews and negotiations with carriers
  • Establishing safety programs
  • Medical Clinic Relationships
  • Create light duty back to work incentives
  • Manage litigated claims
  • Analysis of available funding options for retention/deductible plans, dividend plans, and paid loss retro plans
  • Assist in compliance with loss control recommendations
  • Marketing of coverage and services
We have established strategic alliances with leading expert consultants in the industry to provide our clients with the highest degree of expertise in analyzing management errors and omissions exposures and designing customized coverages to eliminate any uninsured exposures in the following areas:

  • Directors and Officers Liability for public and private companies
  • Errors and Omissions Liability for all classes of professionals
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Partnership Liability for all types of partnerships
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